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ProExtender Penis Enlargement Extender

ProExtender's Penis Enlargement Extender
Vacuum Penis Extender System to Improve Penile Rigidy, Erection Size and Penis Enhancement.

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Product Description:

High tech, state of the art electric vacuum Extender. Combined with ProExtender's custom fitted cylinders you will have the ultimate, most efficient, hi tech penis enlargement system available.

Unlike conventional hand Extenders, the MegaVac Electric Vacuum Extender is more efficient because it creates a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure. In addition, ProExtender's system is personally gratifying, "feels great" and is ideal for self stimulation due to the variable-pulsation feature only available with the electric Extender.

Both the Premium MegaVac units (left and above, right) and basic MegaVac units are quiet, lightweight, and dependable. For permanent increase in penis length, penis girth, scrotal enlargement is the serious enlargement system for men. When purchasing the electric Extender, the air pressure gauge is recommended in order to numerically read the level of vacuum pressure during the Extender session.

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Editor's Review:

Scientifically proven medical device, but pricey
ProExtender Penis Enlargement Extender is an FDA regulated device that works effectively. ProExtender has been in business for over 10 years and has established a well reputable enlargement Extender product in the market. The Vacuum Extender is a medical equipment that has scientifically been tested to enlarge your penis by at least 25%.

The price for these Extender sets are kind of hefty when you compare them to other enlargement methods such as pills. The premium vacuum penis Extender system (complete system) is the recommended choice for maximum penis rigidity, erection development and sexual enhancement. Price ranges from $200-$600 depending on the product package you select (Note that if you buy only a Extender, you would need to buy at least one cylinder which is about $80). The complete sets are around $500-$600, that includes the Extender and cylinders.

Unlike conventional hand Extenders, ProExtender's MegaVac Electric Vacuum Extender is more efficient because it creates a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure.

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Very good patch, October 2003
Reviewer: Jacques from Melun Seine et Marne, France
Hello from France! I love this new enlargement product cuz very convinient to use every day. I will tell my friends about it also. Merci beaucoup!

Two inches in 2 months, not bad!!, September, 17 2003
Reviewer: Roy K. from Redding, CA United States
I've been using the ProExtender's Penis Enlargement Extender for 2 months now and I've grown 2 inches in length since I started the program. I'm on my 3rd box now so I hope I will gain 3-4 inches within 4 months of usage. So far, results look promising. Having a bigger dick size is the thing i needed to gain confidence to approach woman. I hit on a singer last night actually and gave her my sugar shaft microphone to sing with ;)

Made my penis size smaller, August 11, 2003
Reviewer: Mijail from Miami, FL United States
I hate this product. After using it for a month or so, I began to notice my penis size getting smaller, even when erect. help!!! Ive used it as directed, and instead of gaining some i lost some. its like the patch just sucked the size out of me :(

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